Scientology Bridge for Sale!

Attention Scientologists! COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige  has ordered an online flash sale for the next 2.5 hours only! 10% off when you prepay for OT IX – OT XV. Cash price today only $570,000 so you save a whopping $57,000! And if you buy these levels for your 2D as well, that’s a whopping $114,000 you save and can donate to your next highest IAS status! When ordering you must use the discount code THANK YOU COB!

At these prices we’re practically giving the Bridge to Total Freedom away for free! Act now!


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  1. Not to spoil it for anyone who has not done it yet, but I’ve heard rumor that the EP of OTX is that you cognite that you must raise your IAS status immediately. What a glorious present for COB.

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  2. The last time someone tried to sell us a bridge, we were visiting NYC…I believe they referred to it as the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s doubtful OTXV was included.


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