Jenna Elfman Blows the Whistle on Psych Chemtrails Above Hollywood

Scientology OT Jenna Elfman spotted Psychiatric chemtrails being sprayed in the skies above her home in the Hollywood Hills. Acting with OT speed of particle flow, Jenna alerted the general populace:


An elite team of our expert Scientology-trained nuclear physicists — all recent SRD completions — was dispatched to scene to collect samples. These Scientology scientists found airborne psych drugs and rose-scented perfume in the chemtrails!

Only the Church of Scientology can keep you safe from this menace!

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  1. Thank goodness for highly trained OT Scientologists like Jenna, who willingly spend time they would otherwise be engaged in humanitarian equine stress relief rundowns to remain watchful and protect us from the Government-Big Pharma plots to drug us with their poisonous vaccines.



  2. We in Global Capitalism HQ are saddened to discover that Jenna Elfman singlehandedly discovered one of our most profitable investment schemes. We have been financing the installation of chemtrail spraying equipment in commercial airliners for years, because we use that to generate more business for the psych drugs sold by our wholly-owned subsidiary, Big Pharma Inc.

    It’s been a sweet racket, but Jenna’s laser-like scientific focus combined with her dozens of Instagram followers, has exposed us and left us scuttling for cover like cockroaches when the kitchen light comes on. Fortunately, we have enough other investments that we can sustain the loss of this one, at least for a time.

    We will, however, be back, better than ever, when the scientists in Global Capitalism Labs perfect invisible chemtrails, which is now their top research priority.

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  3. I bet Jenna notice the trails in the sky when was giving blowjobs to horses. That is an important secret and sacred ritual for an OT 9 (yes 9) person like Jenna.

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