Sieg Heil!


3 responses to “Sieg Heil!

  1. UPDATE: In a move characteristic of Psych controlled religious intolerance, the country of Germany banned the Sieg Heil salute to COB by attaching a three year jail term to its use, this in an effort to thwart the flourishing and prospering of German scientologists and its IAS affiliates.

    Luckily, OSA managed to escape to Argentina prior to the ban and now directs INT web based activity from its newly established Argentinian click farms hidden out in the pampas.

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  2. Is Davey supporting Trump?

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    • COB is definitely a Bernie guy. Based on the special relationship he developed with the founder, COB has never lost his special affinity for eccentric, elderly gentlemen with a dream to reconstruct the foundations of society.


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