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We at OTVIIIisGrrr8! want to share feedback from a new reader with our regular crew of opinion leaders in all fields of human endeavor. This post was made by Awesome Chick at her blog Didn’t you ever stop and go WTH?

…I just found this hilarious blog:  OTVIIIisGrrr8t! Blog

Whoever write this blog had me feeling higher than a kite after reading the “in your face” fuck you Scientology posts.

I wanted to say all these things for years and years!  Now, I can!!!

FUCK YOU SCIENTOLOGY for making good people “disconnect” from good people simply because they could see that you are money grubbing suppressive cult run by a total psycho path called David Miscavige.

FUCK YOU SCIENTOLOGY for making me feel dirty for doing what I knew was right.

FUCK YOU SCIENTOLOGY for all the pain you have caused so many families by making them disconnect from loved ones.

FUCK YOU SCIENTOLOGY for trying to keep your people from getting the truth by forbidding them to use the internet.

FUCK YOU SCIENTOLOGY for all the horrible things you make people do under threat of punishment.

If you are an ex-scientologist, I would love to hear your thoughts!

#Scientology, #ScientologyIsEvil, #ScientologyIsWatchingYou, #ScientologyIsACult, #ScientologyOnlyWantsYourMoney, #DavidMiscavigeIsEvilRuler, #DavidMiscavige

Thanks for making our day Awesome Chick! You are awesome and are awarded 1,000 internets!

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    • Dodo, you are totally Out PR. You should have offered her a free ARC-X session with the Chaplain at her nearest Highly Deluxe Model Ideal Org. There we could have gangbanged sec checked her and taken her for at least $100,000 handled the Black PR and enemy lines that have made her cross over to the dark side and attack COB and the Church.

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  1. Everyone knows that David Miscavige’s favorite things in life are: SCOHB, beating Sea Org slaves, smoking, drinking scotch, and running Nuremberg-style rallies (with a crowd of hired extras) where he celebrates the grand opening of empty buildings.


  2. Oh! This reminds me. I once found a comment by a crazy black supremacist on youtube that cited a comment by OTVIII from Oct29,2012 on the Bunker to prove that Scientology was an evil white devil plot to take over the NOI.

    ” “How many of you will continue to be Deaf, Dumb and Blind to the fact that Aaron is a FALSE PROPHET; that He (Farrakhan) has betrayed you to the Devil (white race) which plans to remove you from Islam and fully install you within the realm of Scientology and Dianetics so as to make you one of them. The TRUTH will become more self evident as you read on.”

    After this quote he pastes the entire OTVIII comment and cites it as proof of this white devil plot to takeover NOI using Scientology. The link to the vid is below and the commenter is Howard C.


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