Ideal Org Romania for Ex-Communist Scientologists Now Open


Scientology Model Ideal Org Romania

“The new Scientology Ideal Org Romania for Ex-Communist Scientologists is now open,” declared Commissar Frank Wonderman, CO for Eastern European and Russia.


Commissar Frank Wonderman, CO, Free Romanian Ex-Communist Scientologists Association (FRECSA)

“Thus far, however, no Sea Org have reported for duty and no publics have appeared to purchase Scientology goods and services in great quantities.”

This is not a good sign,” said Captain Wonderman.

“Our prediction was to have 5,o00,000 Ex-Communist Scientologists on the Basics at this point in time. Furthermore, Flag Land Base was expecting us to ship 90,000 new Romanian Sea Org members to Flag.”

“These unexpected and highly negative and enturbulating events are surprising as we in the Free Romanian Ex-Communist Scientologists Association (FRECSA) believe that Scientology has so much more to offer than Communism,” said Commissar Wonderman.

“Nevertheless, many Ex-Communists are apparently unwilling to pay what they call  ‘the insane American Church of Scientology’ the sum of  $360,000 USD to attain the secret OT Levels which — due to internet SP propaganda — they falsely believe to be about the souls of dead space aliens.”

“I do not recognize such propaganda nor does the festively pompadoured Comrade Miscavige of Hollywood. What is more important, however, is that Eastern Europeans and Russians recognize why Scientology is better than Communism:


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  1. The obvious solution is to ask oneself “What would have Ron done?” This always works for me.

    Commissar Wonderman might benefit from studying “The reason for failing Orgs” HCO PL 1 Apr 1982 – L Ron Haddock, “The only reason for an organization to fail is if, at the highest level, it is staffed by antisocial personalities who can never complete a cycle of action and whose only concern is an immaculate coiffure and hand-made shoes with enhanced heels.


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    • Andrew, we in RTC just HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU who use the Founder’s words to make COB wrong. Whereupon, as of this exact moment HCO PL 1 Apr 1982 is declared a forgery written by Pat Broeker to attack PRE-COB Mr. David Miscavige in 1982.

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  2. I see Scientology is still using it’s screen capture tech! Thus avoiding paying for Wog software allowing the MESS HALL to serve both rice and BEANS this week.


  3. The festively pompadoured Comrade Miscavige of Hollywood USA spits upon your whining and epic fail in filling up the new mOrg. Siberia is so much nicer than the RPF, and you will get to find that out!!! Now the mighty Ken Delusion will have to go to Romania and fix this problem before he of the magnificent Pompadour notices.


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