David Miscavige Receives IRS 35 Year Service Award


In a private ceremony today in Washington DC, IRS special undercover agent David Miscavige received a gold watch and a distinguished employee award in recognition of his 35 years of service. The award was presented by Miscavige’s long time handler Monique Yingling.

Miscavige, an IRS puppet, was first recruited in 1980 by secret IRS agent Monique Yingling. Miscavige was then a mid-level Sea Org member whom the IRS assigned to penetrate the inner circle of Scientology and take over the Church from within on behalf of the IRS. Diabolical plans were made and executed by Yingling and Miscavige to achieve this goal.

As his handler, Yingling was able to pull strings to make events happen that only Miscavige could solve. Accordingly, Miscavige was soon promoted to “Action Chief” and the die was cast for the eventual IRS takeover of the Church of Scientology.

Miscavige said that he has enjoyed his decades of subverting and destroying the Church of Scientology from within to the serve the diabolical purposes of  Rockefeller Illuminati Psych-NWO Ideal Conspiracy Organization of Hollywood, California.

When asked about his future, Miscavige said, “I  plan to retire soon and write a book what really happened.”

“It would make a great movie,” Miscavige remarked — whereupon he tantalizingly added, “if only some of those conspiracy theorists I had OSA paint as ‘whackos’ and ‘nutjobs’ knew how close they really were to the truth it would shock the public. Thank God ol’ Meade Emory is dead.”

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