Filthy Godless Russian Communists Attack Church of Scientology

PutinGodless Russian leader and SP Vladamir Putin today attacked the Scientology religion.

It happened in Moscow when Putin had his kangaroo court rule that Scientology is a business and not the world’s fastest growing religion.

“This is an outrage!” screamed Ms. Stayta Kleer, OSA Int CO of Global Significances.


Ms. Stayta Kleer, OSA Int CO of Global Significances

 “Vladimir Putin and his fellow Psych Bolshevik buddies are obviously terrified of Scientology’s massive expansion in Russia,” declared Stayta Kleer. “The facts speak for themselves:

* Over five hundred billion square feet of planned new Ideal Orgs spanning Russia from Vladivostok to London.

*A  390,000x increase in Russia’s 197,000,000 Scientologists finding parking spots within ten minutes of postulating finding a parking spot.

* 100% On Source ecclesiastical beatings in Scientology’s 2,219,523 Russian Ideal Orgs.

“We in the Church of Scientology are royally pissed,” declared Stayta Kleer.”It’s obvious that the Moscow court decision is proveable bullshit — and that’s why COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has ordered us to sue those goddamned Russian Commie bastards!”

“The Way to Happiness just isn’t going to work in Moscow because the entire city is full of criminals who are high on drugs. This is true because it has been proven by actual research that only criminals attack Scientology. Seriously, just look at how the wogs in Moscow drive!”

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  1. It’s clear the psychs controlling the Russian auto industry (insurance, repairs, manufacturing) are behind this. Passing out just 25k TWTH booklets earlier this year, Russia’s IAS measured an unprecedented drop (factually, an 87.6% decrease) in Russian vehicle accidents.

    Suddenly Russian households had a large amount of cash freed up with which they could of course invest in both Ideal Orgs and bridge coursework. There is nothing that so infuriates an SP as Scientology #winning. It drives them bonkers

    Remember this anytime you happen to google Sceientology and catch sight of of all the scandalous entheta. Just remember…all of that entheta is evidence the founder predicted of Scientology #winning!!

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