Surprise RTC Announcement: The First Four OT X’s in the World Have Been Made on the Freewinds!


We in RTC are pleased to announce the first four OT X’s in the world have been made aboard the Freewinds.

“These OT X’s are no longer homo saps; they have transcended the human form to become Homo Novis,” declared senior C/S Int Captain Holotta Delusion.

“These telepathic new Scientology super-beings are ravenous and feed on human flesh and blood. Specifically, each of these OT X’s needs to consume 8-10 wogs (humans) per day to remain stably OT X. If they miss a meal they could drop down to OT IX, or worse OT VIII! That’s why their orders are to keep moving and keep feeding on wogs.”

“At last and finally, OT X solves the problems of both Scientology-hating wogs and wog overpopulation.”

“This first group of OT X’s is being turned loose to terminatedly handle the SP problem,” said Captain Delusion. “In a few weeks there will no longer be any SP’s posting online anywhere — and when these OT X’s are through with the SP’s they will turn their attention to the Psychs.”

“Soon we will have thousands of OT X’s out there clearing the planet,” enthused Captain Delusion. “By this time next year only a few remaining wogs will remain in museums.”

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  1. This is excellent news but I foresee one small problem. When the food supply runs out and there are not enough wogs left to eat, then the OT X’s will surely starve and drop down the levels, perhaps to pre-clears and the planet will once again descent into war, crime and insanity.

    I think a selective program of wog breeding should be implemented to ensure sufficient food supplies.


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    • We in RTC project that our voracious OT X’s will exhaust the world’s supply of 7.3 billion wogs in a scant 3.2 years.

      However, following our recent and brutal enhanced interrogation of Xenu in his electronic mountain prison, Xenu finally gave up his big withhold: He and his renegades dumped excess population on an additional 47 prison exoplanets.

      By having OT X’s causitively fly through space to these planets, they will gain an additional 32 years of wog food supply. By that point, Scientology scientists will routinely be cloning wogs in meat puppet factories operated by robots.

      The future is bright with promise and an endless food supply of wogs for OT’s. Likewise, Ideal Orgs will span the galaxy — a galaxy ruled by Scientology Ethics and Justice.

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  2. Will KCET be offering some gourmet cooking programming between ‘Battlefield Earth’ marathons and pledge drives? I would love to see ‘Celebrity OTX Cooking with Wogs.’


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