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  1. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Shelly, but all I saw were a few folks doing some sort of construction work after hours. It’s probably best to work after hours in the Los Angeles area so as to avoid the heat of the day and also get paid an overtime rate instead of straight time.

    Next time there is a surprise inspection, could you please do a drive-by when there are some people around?


  2. That was really creapy to watch !
    Is it only from the outside the Church looks so creapy ?
    Or would I be able to feel enlighentment by going inside, smile and say hello ?
    Sure as hell, I don’t want try ! Been thre, done that.
    From the inside you’ll know what creapy really means.
    So I guess no flunks were given at the inspection – Everything matched the delusion of the Captain.


  3. I’m surprised someone hasn’t fixed the sign to say ‘Public Information Center’ of the Universe to go along with their ‘Few Are Chosen’ slogan.
    RTC – you make me proud to be in the lower 9% of the top 10% on the planet 🙂


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