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  1. It’s the gourmet cheese that offends me.

    Assuming a French man is always interested in cheese and even incorporates it into his sex life is the worst kind of bigotry.


    • Captain Miscavige would never stereotype French people, wogs, SP’s, DB’s rockslammers, 1.1’s, crims, homo saps, perverts, communists, or anyone else. He doesn’t need to stereotype anyone because all the stereotypes Scientologists need have already been thoughtfully placed into the tech by the Founder so that we as a Church have 100% certainty on certain types of undesirable people and their known traits. Having said this, why yes the fully “On Source” RTC sec checks revealed a French guy and cheese was involved.

      Captain Miscavige is the kindest, the most compassionate, and the most ecclesiastical of all ecclesiastical leaders. He even prays at night over and over to St. Macallan until he falls into an ecstatic swoon.


  2. This proves that those CICS’ers that used to comprise members of the RTC-board are just sexual slaves of their minds. As the Chairman Of the Board, The Captain knows that they know that he knows how to have a proper 2D-relationship: Locked up in a prison-hole !!!


  3. Where did those no-good SP CICS wog bums at ‘Freedom’ get that piece from? Publishing COB Captain Miscavige sir’s letter without permission and edited so that all its rich Sourceyness is gone is a HIGH CRIME! Expect a visit from the Ethics Office any moment now. For the record, this is the original uncorrupted text:
    Davy Letter


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