OSA Investigation Reveals the Hidden SP’s on COB’s Lines!


An OSA investigation has uncovered a troika of three hidden SP’s on COB’s lines.  Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg were sent in long ago as deep cover sleeper agents by Psychiatry to wreak havoc and destroy COB and the Church — and they almost succeeded until they overplayed their hand at LAX.


Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, CO Int Internal Security Services.

“The honeypot trap Jenny Linson has proven herself to be particularly dangerous and effective in sabotaging COB RTC David Miscavige,” declared Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, CO Int Internal Security Services.

“It was only due to the hard work of OSA that Linson was finally exposed as a spy, a wrecker, and a diversionary who quickly and constantly blamed others for her own crimes.”

COB reacted harshly to the revelation that Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg were behind the decades of leaks and attacks upon himself and the Church of Scientology:

Video by Panopea Abrupta

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    • Highlights from Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman’s top secret report to COB RTC:

      * The “WHY” for the Ideal Orgs not booming is Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg; for indeed how can any Scientologist say that any Org is “Ideal” when these wreckers have been putting sabotage on COB’s lines and sabotaging the Ideal Orgs every step of the way?

      * The “WHY” for the International statcrash is Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg; for indeed how can anyone receive auditing or upgrade their IAS Patron status when these three Psychs have been acting for decades to destroy Scientology?

      * The “WHY” for the widespread parishioner rejection of COB’s
      miraculous GAT II Technology is Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg; for indeed why would anyone subject themselves to the three-needle-swing F/N invented by these traitors and palmed off upon COB as having come from Source?

      * Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg are the new SP Transcriptionsists sent in after the previous ones were detected and defeated by COB. The damage these new SP’s have caused is far worse than the Semicolon Disaster of 2005. The disaster wrought by this troika is epochal, fully monumental, and exceeds trillions of dollars in losses of raw meat wogs we would have otherwise captured.

      * Conclusion: Now more than ever we need COB to resurrect the Church from the vast chasm of inky blackness into which it has been plunged by the troika of Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg


  1. Hate to say it, but COB could use a mega dose of tech…start with the GAT II PTS/SP refresher course ASAP…

    I mean seriously, has there ever been anyone to fall into PTS and succumb to SP’s the way way like this poor man? It’s almost embarrassing. Next thing people will start saying he pulled it in…


    • Like a deer caught in the headlights, COB is mesmerized. COB is so very innocent. COB is… is.. he is very ecclesiastically pure just as Jesus was ecclesiastically pure and free from any spot, blemish, or wrinkle. And so it happens that SP’s take advantage of COB’s innocence to infiltrate RTC with the express intention of sabotaging COB and the Church.

      COB has only ever tried to help mankind.

      What are you doing to help mankind?

      COB has never “pulled in anything” except a great deal of money as exchange from those whom he has helped with Ideal Orgs, GAT II, and the numerous $65,000 crosses on the new Flag Building.


  2. Bubba:Davey we gonna play house; you want to be the husband or the wife?
    DM: As the former head of the fastest growing religion in the world, I demand to be husband!
    Bubba: Good, come over here and suck your wife’s dick


  3. I would like to think that my KR on exactly those three stooges had something to do with it. I just KNEW, from their behaviour, that they weren´t scientologists and I´m so glad they´ve been found out and disposed of…….quietly and without sorrow!

    Just hoping now that someone is there to calm COB down and comfort him after this betrayal. It would be a major disaster for the planet to lose him now!


    • Birgit, your KR had a great deal to do with nabbing the three stooges. Of particular help was the fact that you conveniently provided we in RTC with their membership cards for the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

      The APA lifetime membership cards of Linson, Yager, and Bloomberg was the exact evidence we needed to send these criminals away for life to the RTC Prison located in the People’s Org North Korea (PONK).


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