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  1. Punching Bag, Lack Of Sleep and Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi! Your massive foot bullets are now viral on the net, thank you so much!!!!! (See what i did there?)


  2. The bold guy is cute. The guy with the camera knows how to hold it. The lady who talks a lot of shit needs a nap. The curly guy must be the boss. These people clearly know how to confront and shatter suppression!
    We are IAS!


    • SP handled! Never mind that Marty’s LAX video has 287,000+ views and climbing on YT — not to mention the 3226 comments at the top of Reddit. No, the emphasis here is that we in RTC have, once again, confronted and shattered suppression in our area. And for this we will pay ourselves a $5,000,000 bonus plus six weeks of leave, The rest of you people get back on post!


  3. The crazy, sleep-deprived lady says his TRs are “brilliant”. Why is no one pointing out that that was a very nice compliment? I would enjoy being complimented on my TRs. I would say “thank you, crazy person, now go get some sleep.”

    But he doesn’t say anything. Not even a “thanks.” I think this is a case of bigotry.


  4. But…but…I thought they were on a quest to free this sector of the galaxy…Something about piloting new ¨you´re a poo-poo head¨ tech to shatter


  5. About the title of this thread: 47XOTSuperpowerSRDHighestEver!

    When we in the Church of Scientology are sued into non-existence we plan to do the following:

    1. Disincoporate CSI just as we did with CSC.

    2. Take all of the cash we have buried out of the ground.

    3. Create a new corporation called the Church of Spiritual Telepathy (CST)

    4. Have CST license the Telepathy to a group called the Religious Telephone Center (RTC).

    5. Reincorporate as the Church of 47XOTSuperpowerSRDHighestEver!

    5. Have RTC license its copyrighted telephony to the Church of 47XOTSuperpowerSRDHighestEver!

    6. The Church may only use approved RTC Quantum Mark VII Telephones.

    7. Only when all churches are “Old St. Hill sized” will telepathy be released. Until then, Operating Telephonists may only used approved RTC telephones and may only speak to approved telephone operators until the EP of a floating dial tone is achieved.

    We hope the foregoing clarifies and explains everything to a floating dial tone. We say this because if you call Scientology for a refund all you will get is a floating dial tone.


  6. We saw this Scientology Training video on YT, and we thought it would be a great idea to set it up as a loop in the window of our local org on a big screen under the flashing banner “The Power of Homo Novi – Revealed”.

    We’ll let you know the stats Thursday.


  7. Marty Rathbun does not have an original thought in his head. If I want to be entertained by attacking zombies, I will watch the “Walking Dead.” Marty, come back with “A Star is Born” re-make with Davy and Tommy and I’ll watch that.


  8. I´m sorry, but I´m going to have to send in a KR as of right now. Those people – the two scientologists holding cameras and the lady – were violating The Auditor´s Code. When scientologists speak to other people, there is to be NO evaluation and NO invalidation! Those three did nothing but.

    I don´t care if they are scientologists. They need to show other people that they NEVER get upset, no matter how much someone tries to upset them. They need to practice Scientology and show the world what Scientology is all about and set a good example!

    Well………that´s just my opinion.
    I am very disturbed about this video.
    I think David Miscavige should know.
    Where can I send the KR?


  9. I love your blog, OT8isGRRR8!

    You in RTC strike such an effective blow, I can totally recognize Power when I see it.

    If there is any way that I can grovel or suck up to you, please do not hesitate to let me know.



    • Wow.

      I just saw that I can Up-Rate my own comment!

      My God, this place makes my brain spooge splatter everywhere!

      I’m totally excited to be here.

      I really hope that when Int Management reads my posts here, they consider me for a desk job at Freedom Magazine.

      Those guys really know how to party!

      Anything you need.

      I can supply it for you,



  10. Jenny spreads sunshine where ever she goes! Crazy eyes nut case as well as miscaviges right hand man. Jenny should try yoga or swimming across the ocean.


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