Flim Flam Man Kevin Trudeau – So Secret, So Like an IAS Secret Briefing!

Kevin Trudeau gives you a secret special briefing that is almost as good as a special confidential IAS briefing. The only difference between Kevin Trudeau and the IAS is that Kevin is presently serving time in prison after being convicted for his criminal nonsense.

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  1. IAS your future awaits…with Kevin already settled in you and all your friends will be right at home in the fraud floor of the prison.Kev will leave the light on.


  2. Hang in there, Kev. Life is cyclically rewarding. Look at this way:

    You’re an asshole. You join a Brotherhood. You exit the Brotherhood.
    You enter prison. You meet a new Brotherhood. You’re an asshole with a purpose.


  3. Oh that Kevin and his tall tales. Anyone who’s anybody is a member of SuperSecretSocietyNetwork.com. Those dregs in SecretSocietyNetwork.com fetch us drinks and draw our baths.

    Kevin never could resist a good scam though. But I suppose that’s why he’s now riding bareback in the buggery brigade for the next 10 years isn’t it?


  4. Kevin Trudeau should have joined Scientology a long time ago and learned all the secret secrets of how to be, do or have anything anyone could ever imagine. He would have been a lot happier and a lot wealthier now, if only he had followed all of LRH´s secret rules and instructions. Moreover he would have been a member of “The Most Ethical Group on the Planet” – and stayed out of prison!

    When will he ever learn?


    • From what I’ve heard he actually was a member a while back (90’s maybe?) doing services in L.A. His book “Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About” actually promoted Dianetics as one of those “cures”.


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