COB’s Stable Datum: Contemporary Scientology in 2013

We in RTC note that the SP Tony Ortega and his SP pal Vance Woodward, have undertaken blogging about Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, a book first published by Scientology’s Founder in 1950. Since its first publication, Dianetics has sold over three billion copies and been translated into 1,516 languages including Yap, Urk, Klingon, and Ergawai, a language only written on clay tablets during the annual Nile flooding.

If only to underscore the expansion and sweep of the Tech across the Universe, we in RTC need to point out that Dianetics has long been outdated in the modern Church of Scientology and factually if one wanted to perform  Dianetological operations, they would of use Expanded Dianetics, but of course neither Ortega nor Woodward seem to realize this technical fact.

And so what we in RTC wish to do as a public service is to update our readers on Contemporary Scientology in 2013, or 63 AD Scientology time, for we in RTC use the Church of Scientology calendar that begins in 1950 with the publication of Dianetics.

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the focus in the Church of Scientology shifted to SOLO NOT’s. That is what modern Scientology is all about: Getting the pc up and through Clear and onto the OT levels where undreamed of advanced abilities await. Hence, for Tony and Vance to take a look at DMSMH has no relation to contemporary Scientology, but rather only serves their Evil Purposes to destroy Scientology.

If one wants a very concise definition of contemporary Scientology, it can be summed up as follows: The IAS.

Contemporary Scientology is all about the IAS and donations thereto — and not about Dianetics. We in RTC therefore refer Tony and Vance to the actions taken COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige to further the IAS if they wish to understand Scientology in 2013.


COB RTC David Miscavige is awarded an important medal from President Obama for singlehandedly saving America from misunderstood words.

While the Founder left us a legacy of the Tech, the fact is that its is easier for the IAS to collect donations in exchange for trophies than to deliver complicated Auditing, Ethics, Qual, Cramming and all of the other blather that puts Scientologists into restim and quite actually does none of us any good.

Here is COB’s stable datum, and we want you to get this as a technical fact and not a hopeful idea: Donations to the IAS do not put Scientologists into restim whereas Auditing does. Said another way, Scientologists get Theta and positive case gain from donating to the IAS whereas Auditing can only, by definition, offer negative case gain and the chronic problem of putting ones’ NOT’s case into restim.

Therefore, the Ideal Scene and the Successful Action in 2013 is to make  monumental and heroic donations to the IAS and stay away from Auditing. So long as Scientologists keep donating to the IAS, there will be Ideal Orgs around for them in their future lifetimes when

COB has decreed that only when all of the attacks on the Church of Scientology have stopped may Scientologists get any sort of true and meaningful auditing. Until then, the Church is on a wartime footing and so only those most able to help the IAS will get auditing interspersed with sec checks to ensure that no enemy lines are forwarded into the Church.

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  1. No one except Scientology Volunteer Ministers helped at Ground Zero following 911. Only the Church of Scientology helped because we were the only ones who could help.

    Only the Church of Scientology can help.

    Only the Church of Scientology has the answers.

    Donate to the IAS today so that it can fund the needed Scientology solutions for all of the worldwide emergencies!


  2. We had an auto accident and appealed to the local org to help because we know they are the only ones who can but they hung up on us and called us glib. I think they probably weren’t a true org, maybe even a covertly hostile mission. Should we sue?


      • That is one sexy Vulcan!

        Hmmm… I suppose I have to say yes. If I don’t, they’ll pull my Trekker card.

        But I have a hard time believing he’s an OT-anything. That would be highly illogical, Captain … I mean, Commodore … I mean, Fleet Admiral.


  3. I am intrigued that you have translated Dianetics into the Yap language, though I wonder how your International Finance Police deals with depositing the immense stone coins that the natives must be using to pay for their sets of The Basics. I will be well and truly impressed, however, when you release The Basics in “Quipu,” the knot writing that was used by the pre-Columbian Quechua (descendants of the Incas) in Peru. First, you’ll have to decipher it, a task that has eluded some of the cleverest linguists, anthropologists and cryptographers of our age. Please keep us updated on when you’ll have a Quipu edition available for the 17 million Quipu-reading pre-clears.


    • Another stable datum in Scientology is that all wogs are illiterate and cannot read or understand. That is why we in Scientology like to use simple pictures instead of words. For example, consider the picture shown below:

      The picture makes it easy to understand that computer programming is being discussed because we see:

      1. A picture of a computer.

      2. A sign that reads “Computer Programming” so that there are no confusions.

      3. Ugly wood paneling and a cheap drapery hanging across the back of the computer programming diorama to indicate that the computer is housed in a MEST building on Earth and not in outer space or on a space ship, for space ships do not have wood paneling or drapes.

      2. A computer operator wearing headphones because everyone knows that all computer operators must wear headphones in order to hear the computer in case it crashes while attempting to process a double datum or a double factoral problem:

      So to answer your query about large stones, the fact is that we in RTC have ordered Golden Era Productions to produce a picture book for the Yaps to understand that we only take American dollars or dental gold.


      • My guess is the large instrument is an (audio frequency) distortion analyzer. The narrow one is an AC/DC voltmeter. The hidden one, possibly a frequency counter. No computer there, sorry!


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