The Church of Scientology Opens the New Sunset Boulevard Org for Geriatric, Unattractive, Misfit Preclears (GUMP’s)

Many Scientology parishioners in Los Angeles are old and unattractive and are therefore unwelcome at the Celebrity Centre. While still other parishioners feel overwhelmed by the massive Pac Base which is called Big Blue or ‘that weird Scientology place on Sunset Blvd with all the body routers.’

Moreover, still other parishioners will not go to the Los Feliz Mission because it is a mission and not an Org. But then again, and more to the point, many Scientology parishioners — due to advanced age — cannot drive to the SFV, Pasadena, Orange County, or Ventura Ideal Orgs.

To accommodate these Scientologists who are out of place everywhere in Greater Los Angeles, we in Building Management Services purchased a new Mini Ideal Org on Sunset right next to Pac Base. This new facility will service “Out of Place” parishioners.

This new Scientology Church will be called the Sunset Boulevard Org for the Geriatric, Unattractive Misfit Preclears (GUMP’s,).

This new Org proves we in Scientology are truly embracive of all persons except for LGBTQ+; journalists; Communists; Liberals; Psychs; Wogs; SP’s; haters; bigots; cops who don’t work for us on the side; Freezoners; bloggers; SMERSH agents; British Bankers; Marcabs; FBI agents; dilettantes; Black Five cases; LRH 2.0; interlopers; the bigot Mayor Karen Bass; Ouija Board users; internet users; Black PR agents; GO rogues; and so on and so forth.

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