David Miscavige

No More Auditing for You! David Miscavige Denies Scientology to the Entire World After a Wog Court Declares Him Served

COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige officially denied Scientology to the entire world after a wog court declared him served in a lawsuit.

“The world will now get to see just how quickly this planet goes to shit without Scientology!” Miscavige declared from under the covers of his heart-shaped bed located in the guestroom of Tom Cruise’s Clearwater condo.

“Not even Scientologists will be allowed any auditing,” Miscavige decreed.

“The world will have to come crawling on its knees begging me to reopen Scientology. And the wog court will have to apologize to me publicly for its enormous travesty of justice in declaring me served!”

“Only I get to declare people,” Miscavige fumed.

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  1. Hmm I thought Miscavige was hiding in the closet, along with John Travolta.

    To escape the crimes of $cientology, coward Miscavige declares that his one true religion is onanism.


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