Scientology Updates Its Course on How to Confront and Shatter Suppression

We in Scientology hasten to point out that while Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are not presently on course in Scientology, they are still stealth Scientologists.

Will Smith’s Scientology training was vividly proven tonight when the actor used PTS/SP Tech to put in Ethics on Chris Rock’s joking and degrading. *KAPOW SP!* That is how to confront and shatter suppression!

And we will thank you to keep David Miscavige’s name out of your mouth all of you jokers and degraders!

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  1. Not only are Will and Jada Pinkett Smith stealth Scientologists, I have it on good authority that Will employed this tried and true Slap Tech in an effort to get back into The Church’s good graces. Will deliberately employed Slap Tech in front of a large world wide audience to secretly introduce The Church of Scienology’s NEXT BIG THING, GAE. GAE of course is yet another cool acronym for Golden Age of Ethics. This is the missing piece of the Founder’s plan for Planetary Clearing. Ethics must go in before Tech can go in. Therefore GAE must go in before GAT and GAT II can go in.

    What will this mean? Well, the possibilities are endless. Let’s start with raw meat. Just imagine a Body Router encountering a reluctant WOG. That wavering and resistant WOG would be bitch slapped into the local Ideal Org, Ideal Mission or Ideal Study Group to get started on the Bridge to Total Freedom. Regges and FSMs will no doubt employ unrestrained bitch slapping to get their stats up and their selectees onto The Bridge. Red Tags after an auditing session? Not anymore. PCs will be mercifully bitch slapped until their needle floats, they are VGIs and they come up with a truly remarkable Success Story. No more of these half-assed, namby-pamby Success Stories that claim something like “I feel pretty good for completing this action”. In the Course Room, TR flunks will be replaced with a quick slap to the chops to correct any panty waist that doesn’t duplicate and apply the Tech 100%. And when it comes to Scientologists being sent to the Ethics Officer or MAA, well, that is where GAE will really shine and get the job done. Metered interviews and Sec Checks will get right to the point. Meter read = bitch slap. Dirty needle = bitch slap. Rock Slam = gang bang bitch slap. Staff Members who have down stats will be group bitch slapped to get on board and be true Group Members.

    Yes, this is a good time to be a Scientologist. Thank You Will Smith for publicly introducing the world to Scientology and the Golden Age of Ethics!!!!!


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