Scientology Junk Mail as Pop Art

We in Scientology mail out massive amounts of mail everyday. Our mail stream is a nonstop deluge of endless pleas beseeching people for money. Buy a book; take a course; go Clear; or go OT: It all amounts to buying Scientology goods and services.

Alternately, we also ask for free money: Just give the IAS money in exchange for nothing.

Long decried as “junk mail” Scientology’s mail has now become pop art.

In a stunning new exhibit at the Celebrity Centre, Scientology artist Delphi Kwarinteen showcases the cluttered and glistening patina of what she calls “ready made for the recycling bin” Scientology mass mailers. Scientologists are hailing the exhibit as a tour de force of Hubbard Postmodernism.

The exhibit is open daily at the Celebrity Centre.

Please note that SP’s will not be admitted.

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