David Miscavige: Facebook’s $225 Billion Stock Plunge is Due to Its Allowing Attacks on Scientology! Scientology Calls for FB to Immediately Deplatform all Anti-Scientologists!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is from another planet called Setagllib. Mark Zuckerberg is not human. He is a shape-shifting alien reptilian and part of the British nobility. He was sent here to Earth to place as much clickbait, disinformation, and ads for garbage diet programs, useless supplements, and cheap junk merchandise as possible on his hellish invention called Facebook. Humans are cautioned to beware of this voracious data predator who consumes 2,000 million times his own weight in tracking cookies each day!

Scientology Supreme Ecclesiastical leader David Miscavige declared today that Facebook’s stock price collapse was due to the social media giant allowing years and decades of attacks upon Scientology.

Mr. Miscavige called upon Facebook’s humanoid CEO Mark Zuckerberg to immediately deplatform all anti-Scientologists from Facebook.

Further, Mr. Miscavige urged Facebook to turn over the names of all anti-Scientologists on Facebook to Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs for further investigation into their crimes.

“Facebook must make up for the damage it has done to Scientology!” Mr. Miscavige demanded from his place of hiding. “Scientology demands 100 pounds of Bitcoin from Facebook as penance!”

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  1. This apostate deplatformed all social media a few months ago, including Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube. Regarding C3PO Zuckerberg, life is so much better without that “shape-shifting alien reptilian.”


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