Retired Football Player Foolishly Turns Down $5,000 Fee to Do a Scientology Promotional Video

Retired football player Tom Brady turned down Scientology’s $5,000 cash offer to do a one-hour Scientology promotional video.

Mr. Brady apparently thinks he has so much money he can turn down $5,000 for an hour’s worth of work.

We in Scientology think he is making a big mistake because paid promotional work is hard for retired football players to find.

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  1. Mr. Brady is indeed making a huge mistake by not taking up this offer by the Church. The last NFL quarterback to turn down an offer like this was Mr. John Brodie. We all know what happened to Mr. Brodie don’t we? Of course we do, because the Church of Scientology always keeps us informed about it’s members activities, especially Celebrities like famous sports figures who use the Technology of L. Ron Hubbard to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

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  2. As Mr. Brady’s unauthorized agent, let me advise you that he had had one too many brandies when your kind offer was made, and he thought that it was on behalf of the Church of Schientology.

    Further, we assume that the $5000 figure is a typographical error, which could be corrected with the addition of four zeros. (At the end…. and no sneaky decimal points like last time.)

    Please resubmit, And I will rouse Mr. Brady from his Brandy induced coma and present it to him for his likely rejection on the merits. Nonetheless Mr. Brady does recognize the Church of Scientology as the foremost leader in business and marketing as evidenced by Cartain Miscavige saying so.

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