Scientology is creating more felons than Clears and OT’s these days

With Scientology creating more felons than Clears and OT’s these days, the new Flag-only Incarceration Rundown fully prepares the convicted Scientologist to do hard time in prison. The soon-to-be inmate uses the clay table to gain mass and significance on daily prison commands such as “Bend over and spread ’em!”

There is LRH material on how to begin a Criminon program and disseminate “Jailhouse Scientology” using techniques pioneered by Scientologist Charles Manson in the early 1960’s. By disseminating and delivering Scientology courses, the inmate becomes an FSM and collects a commission from book sales. The inmate also learns how to smuggle kites, drugs, and other penitentiary needed and wanteds in their prison pouch. The Flag-only Incarceration Rundown includes a waiver to sell drugs and other contraband in prison in order to keep money flowing into the prisoner’s account at Flag for the Post-Prison Repair Rundown.

The Incarceration Rundown includes video lectures from Scientologist and human rights attorney Leigh Dundas on knowing your rights as a Sovereign Citizen. Dundas hats Scientology inmates on how to use the law library in prison to file an appeal against an unjust sentence handed down by an illegal Maritime court against a paper person. You, the natural person and Scientologist, are only and ultimately yourself. You are not your case, your criminal case, an inmate number, or that fake identity the State gave you when you were issued a birth certificate.

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