Scientology Explains the NWO’s Plans for the Upcoming 2021 Christian Rapture Deception

Incident 3 of OT III: Xenu’s fleets of 747 spaceplanes are being readied to fly over the major cities of the world and emit 5G signal.

The interaction of the 5G radiation and the vaccine will superheat the vaccinated and vaporize them instantaneously.

The vaccinated will seem to disappear in a flash. This will be called the Christian Rapture.

After the “Rapture” Jeff Bezos will use the Amazon Cloud system to launch the 666 Bitcoin system. Cryptocurrency will become the law for the unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated will not be allowed to buy or sell unless they are laser tattooed in their hand or forehead with the Mark of the Beast (Bill Gates).

Only we in Scientology can save you from the coming Global World Psychiatry Enslavement Illuminati. You are hereby ordered to report to your nearest Ideal Org to be processed above 4.0 on the Tone Scale.

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  1. You are hereby ordered to report to your nearest Ideal Org — and give them ALL your money NOW!! COB demands this! He needs the money for liquor and cigarettes!

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