Located and Handled: The Hidden SP Who Tried to Run Over L. Ron Hubbard With a Freight Locomotive on Venus!

We in RTC have identified Tom Cruise as the hidden SP who tried to run over L. Ron Hubbard with a freight locomotive on Venus.

Tom Cruise is the hidden SP and has evil purposes to destroy Ron so that David Miscavige can become SOURCE.

Ron spoke about this incident:

“Mary Sue gave the cue on this thing. She said, “Look at how hard they have to work to keep you from being OT!” Hey, now, that’s quite a thought! Isn’t that quite a thought? Hm? Now you look at this. You look at this, now. The complete idiocy of it. Somebody sits up on Venus — there are probably some other stations around up in the system. This one’s on Venus. I notice that we all believe that Venus has a methane atmosphere and is unlivable. I almost got run down by a freight locomotive the other day — didn’t look very uncivilized to me. I’m allergic to freight locomotives, they’re always running into you.”

Between Lives Implants, SHSBC #317. 23 July 1963.

Because Ron departed in 1986 and the statute of limitations has expired on the crime of “attempted murder by freight locomotive on another planet” we in RTC have decided to drop the matter.

Additionally, Tom Cruise is an upstat. L. Ron Hubbard said that if one’s stats are up they can get away with murder — and that includes killing Ron, a loophole that no upstat thought of when Ron was alive. That’s how we roll in Scientology.

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