I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Denice Duff’s $97 Face Cream

Who can forget Scientologist and actor Denice Duff’s star turn as Michelle Morgan in the 1994 classic Bloodlust: Subspecies III? Even as vampire-undead-zombie, Denice’s skin was radiant:

And now Denice Duff is letting the public in on her Hollywood skin care secrets with her new In Your Face Cream line of products.

At $97 for a two-ounce jar, you know this is the real thing. Denice’s handcrafted beauty product is the OT levels of rejuvenating face creams!

While no one else is, Denice Duff’s fellow celebrity Scientologists are raving about her OT face cream. For instance, Jenna Elfman loves the fact that Denice’s face cream is not full of toxic crap as is David Miscavige.

And we’re sure that SNL boss Lorne Michaels doesn’t mind at all that Scientologist Chloe Fineman is using the SNL name to endorse Duff’s face goop:

And now back to Part 4 of Phoenix starring Denice Duff. FF to 14:32 to see Denice in her steamy love scene:

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