Scientology 1950’s Retro Chic: In Praise of White Men, Cigarettes, and Money!

Real OT’s Smoke Three Packs a Day! Smoking Proves You’re a REAL MAN and not a pantywaist!

“White men who smoked cigarettes, embezzled money, and knew how to make women keep their big mouths shut and obey the rules is what made the Church of Scientology great in the 1950’s,” Ken Delusion announced at a recent Flag Land Base event.

The event was called “A Return to the 1950’s When White Scientology Men Smoked; Got Drunk Everyday; Stole Money; Bossed Women Around; and Went OT!” The event was pure LRH and was a celebration of what made Scientology great.

“It goes far beyond white privilege,” Delusion explained. “What we’re talking about here are real Scientology Super Powers: Swinging dicks and testosterone amped up by old-school nicotine, booze, amphetamines, misogyny, and the Tech!”

“COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige says we need need white men who smoke and dominate women to make Scientology great again!” Delusion emphasized. “And COB has shown leadership by locking his wife away for the past 15 years to keep her from yapping and nattering and cramping his style as the premiere global ecclesiastical leader on this planet!”

“COB is sick and tired of panty-waisted dilettante OT’s like Grant Cardone who let their wives shove them around! Grant is such a pathetic wimp that he dons a ‘his and hers’ elf costume when Elena orders him to do so! FFS, COB never, ever, ever, ever wants to see such unmanly and embarrassing behavior again from a white male OT!”

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  1. Making Scientology Great Again should be right up there with KSW! If the Old Man hadn’t dropped his meat sack all those years ago he surely would have issued a MSGA HCOPL to slam in Ethics FFS. Ron lead the way for all of us when he rightly threw Mary Sue under the bus where she belonged. Mr. Capt’n COB RTC David Miscavige followed suit and took care of Shelly when she got too big for her britches too. COB’s BFF Tom Cruise seems to have a way of alienating the women in his life too because he is also a Big Being and great OT. The best Grant Cardone can do is have a foreshortened photo taken of himself with that pesky wife of his so he appears to be taller than she is. Tallness doesn’t make a Big Being but I guess it’s a step in the right direction. Man up Grant and get out of that PTSish elf costume. And while you’re at it, give up those phallic cigars in favor of a refreshing, life sustaining pack of Kool shorts. That’s what real men, Big Beings and OTs smoke.

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  2. In a telex from Target Two, the great satan,er…THETAN, el con strokehard, commends your profound understanding and handling of that peskiest of pesky, waaaaay-back-on-the-track GPM’s: THE WMB, also known as “the white man’s burden”. It’s been a long, hard grind…Genociding, Imperializing, Pillaging, Supremacizing, and Fucking-the-natives-on-the-down-low is SERIOUS master race business…and a hefty inventory of the highest quality, booze, tobacco, and compliant beeotches(of whatever gender)…Keeps Whiteness Winning!
    Hip, hip, hooray!


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