Grant and Elena Cardone Speak at Flag on How to 10X the Orgs & Why LRH Got It So Wrong

New OT VIII’s and Amazon Prime Members Grant and Elena Cardone

“Where LRH got it so wrong,” said Grant Cardone, “is that he was stuck in the win of his old St. Hill sized Org.

LRH never said, ‘Hey, we need to have the Orgs be 10X the size of the Old St. Hill!’ What is wanted and needed is to increase LRH’s havingness. We need to telepathically reach out to LRH on Target 2 and tell him to up his havingness 10X on Orgs booms.”

“LRH was of course brilliant,” added Elena Cardone. “But LRH couldn’t have any Orgs bigger than the old St. Hill size. What Grant and I can have are Orgs that are 10X the old St. Hill size.

“This is not to make LRH wrong,” Elena noted. “It’s just that to boom the Orgs we have to 10X LRH’s vision.”

Elena Cardone

“COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige in onboard with us in 10Xing the Orgs beyond LRH’s fixed idea, his computation, of using his old St. Hill sized Org as the measure of success in Scientology,” Grant added.

“And that’s why COB has appointed me and Elena to 10X the Orgs beginning with Flag Land Base. We’re going to Flag next week to begin hatting the lazy, drag-ass, downstat, NCG regges at Flag whose stats are as weak as a lima bean fart in a hurricane.”

“COB is paying us a 10% commission on all the new money we bring each week,” Elena noted. “Grant and I need that money because jet fuel and wog securities lawyers aren’t cheap!”

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