Joy Villa’s Secret Diary

Dear Diary,

That talentless wog karaoke singer Lady Gaga sung the national anthem at the phony inauguration for the stolen election.

If truth had prevailed over lies, it would have been me up there on the dais singing the national anthem at the second inauguration of my beloved Donald Trump. I know Donald has always secretly loved me. He was going to leave Melania and marry me. Then I would have assumed my rightful duty as First Lady right beside him.

Donald and I would have built the wall together. We would have beaten China into submission; beaten the virus; beaten all of the Communist libtards in the Demoncrat party; and exiled Nancy Pelosi and all of the elitist Hollywood snobs back to Moscow where they belong. Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Steven Colbert, and all of the other smug SP’s would have been silenced and imprisoned for treason.

When Donald’s second term was finished in 2024, I would have run for President. I would’ve won because I’m a Scientology Clear and have huge political talent. I would have made America ever greater by creating a Scientology Org Board to run this country and outlawing Psychiatry. I would have placed my fellow Scientologists and QAnon’s into all key positions in the government and the courts.

But the election was stolen by the global enslavers and Joe Biden, the lapdog of the new Jeff Bezos Amazon Illuminati, was installed as a puppet President. That is the situation for now. But it will all change come February 21, 2021 — 2/21/21. This is when the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars. Until then, I’m looking for a job where my vast and many talents are recognized and rewarded.

Here’s a sample of my political talents — and no I’m not enraged with jealousy:

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  1. As a KSW Scientologist, I have to say that I am so embarrassed by Princess Joy Villa. And no, I am not nattering here so don’t be writing up a Knowledge Report on my ass. I just have to point out that Joy has obviously plagiarized Pink Floyd with that snappy dress she is wearing. And Pink Floyd is a FOREIGN band from across the Pond. What’s worse is the degraded country they are from has a National Health Care program that takes care of its citizens. Goddamn SOCIALISTS!!! What’s even worse is that those nasty Brits were not nice to L. Ron Hubbard when he lived there. Yes, they were very mean indeed. And for some reason there are always a bunch of Russians showing up on British soil that have been poisoned by Putin who is a good friend of Mr. Trump’s. So, Joy needs to get her shit together and come up with some original dress creations. I’m still pissed that she stole that snow fence material from the wind blown wastelands of Wyoming, USA just to make a dress thereby causing Liz Cheney to say bad things about Donald Trump.

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