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    • Neither death nor prison have ever stopped religious leaders from terrorizing their followers and the world.

      Applewhite manifested from the luminiferous aether after Miscavige summoned him in order to have unnatural relations. However, a fight broke out over whose cult is worse. Then the fistfight happened on air at FoxNews.


      • A big thanks to you in RTC for clarifying this important point. And, it’s not only dead cult leaders that continue to influence unwitting followers. Just look at Scientologist Charles Manson. This long dead adherent still has a following as a result of his applying the Tech our own deceased Founder created out of whole cloth.


  1. According to mycultleadercanbeatupyourcultleader.com, Jim Jones is getting juiced for a one off battle! Halfway between Clearwater and Guyana!


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