Aryan Brotherhood Adopts Scientology as a Way to Handle Engrams and Past Trauma

Encouraged by the ways in which Scientology has helped Nation of Islam members become better Muslims, the Aryan Brotherhood today announced that its members have begun Dianetics and Scientology courses in the group’s chapters around America.

“Scientology has made me a better Aryan!” enthused Aryan leader Zeke Mendenhall. “I’m looking forward to going Clear! As a Clear, my reactive mind will no longer hold me back from my reaching full potential as an Aryan! And when I go OT watch out Amerika!”

“What’s great about Scientology is that I can be both a Scientologist and a member of the Aryan Brotherhood,” explained Road Captain Kyle Sandusky.  “Scientology is just a set of tools for better living that doesn’t interfere with my Aryan beliefs. A person can be a Scientologist and keep their present religious beliefs!

The Aryan Brotherhood announced plans to begin distributing copies of The Way to Happiness in areas controlled by them.

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