Professional Carnival Worker and Scientologist Joy Villa Takes on the Fake News Media!

Scientology Supreme Dictator Mr. David Miscavige with professional carnival worker Joy Villa.

Professional carnival worker and Scientologist Joy Villa took on the fake news media. The fake news media routinely attacks Scientology with fake shows and fake stories. The fake news media was fully confronted, exposed, and shattered at a White House press conference.

Real journalist David Icke will soon appear on a Scientology TV special to expose the reptilian lizard aliens who masquerade as the British Royal family. Dr. Hubbard knew this in 1950. David Icke will give Dr. Hubbard credit for exposing the Targs, the Marcabs, and other bestial ET races working to destroy humanity.

Scientology is keeping humanity safe from marauding aliens and fake news.

Upcoming on Scientology TV: The Q Anon story, PizzaGate, and a profile on real journalist Alex Jones.


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  1. I spent a long time reading all of the tweets about this evil meeting at the expense of the USA citizens. One tweet made me laugh out loud: “why is there a clown at this meeting?”


  2. Is this an actual picture? l looked it up and it says Joy is 5’10” Online says Miscavige is 5’3″. What a runty little fellow …


  3. I’ve gotta just say this, I admire Ms. Princess Joy so so much. She is a stellar example of a Scientologist out there making real change in the world by wiggling into any nook and cranny she can to make herself known and get out of Non-E with society.

    I also have to say that she is quite the snappy dresser!!! She must spend a fortune on that expensive wardrobe of her’s. That snow fence dress of her’s was not only sexy and provocative, it must have set her back a few coins too!!! There are a few gals here at my Ideal Org who whisper amongst themselves that she sometimes dresses in an out-2D manner but they couldn’t be more wrong. (Don’t worry, I wrote Knowledge Reports on those nattery bitches). In my opinion she dresses on par with our Founder who was well known in this sector of the guh-lax-ee for his dapper dressing!!! Besides, Princess Joy always looks like she is ready for an IAS fundraising event with those outlandish outfits.

    I am also overjoyed (no pun intended) to she her in a photo with Capt’n Mr. David ‘We Stand Tall’ Miscavige. Surely she must be on the verge of being fired off on an important Sea Organization Mission to not only crush Suppression and make more inroads into the Trump Administration. Myself, I’m wondering why Princess Joy has not been named as a replacement for that wog Sarah Sanders. Princess Joy, armed with the tech and incredible confront, could easily do a better job. And, she’s a better dresser for sure!!!!!


    • Ms. B. Haven is HIGHLY COMMENDED for her 100% upstat gung ho Scientology beingness. She is a Thetan’s Thetan and is hereby appointed ED of the Tampa Org. Now make it go right at Tampa because that place is an enturbulated mess full of Flag rejects.


  4. You are as crazy as the cult you are in This woman is as dumb as a brick Can someone get her off social media?


    • Sandra, we in Scientology are the only sane people on the planet. We are saving this planet and everyone on it. YOU owe Scientology an apology and huge debt of gratitude and money for all that we have done for you and continue to do for you.


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