It’s a Psych World After All

$88 billion dollars a year in Psych drug sales!

“We in Scientology are in our 20th consecutive year of a massive statcrash and the future looks grim. Meanwhile, money continues to flood into Psych coffers like crazy. COB’s CCHR smart bomb was never able to sniff out and destroy Psych funding lines,”  Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion dejectedly declared.

“We in Scientology feel like saying ‘fuck it’ most days. Why are we even trying to help wogs who don’t want our help? We should just sell happy pills and change our name to Scientology Pharmaceuticals Inc.

“This strategy made Bob Duggan $3.2 billion dollars overnight. Bob made more in one day than the Church made in 65 years. It’s time for we in Scientology to change our operating basis in order to achieve an ideal scene that makes us tens of billions of dollars per year,” Delusion declared.



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  1. I think my fellow Scientologist Mr. Bob Duggan is on to something here. He probably did one of those cool OT Prosperity Seminars on the M/V Freewinds, fully duplicated the LRH Tech, applied it and thereby made a shit load of money. So what if he sold life saving drugs to wogs.

    I’ve tried this approach too and usually walk away saying “fuck it” too like you in RTC. I must have a Crashing MU (©®™$). I hope my Ethics Officer isn’t reading this blog again because I must confess that this report of Psych wins really gets me down and I just want to say “fuck it” and roll a fat one and smoke it on the back porch of Eternity.

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    • OMFG!!!!! Whilst toking on that fat one on the back porch of Eternity I had the HUGEST COG of my life!!! I just realized that if the Psychs and Big Pharma are raking in $88 billion per year on drug sales alone, that is a mere fraction of the entire Psych industry. What about all the billions of dollars that the Psychs themselves charge their unwitting “patients” for their bogus counseling services before they even prescribe these mind altering Psych drugs? What about all the billions of dollars wog universities rake in by offering research backed classes to students who then become actual Psychs? What about the billions of dollars made by Psych institutions to house Psych patients? What about the untold numbers of real celebrities who have turned to Psychs for help with their problems rather than listening to Tom ‘Mission Impossible’ Cruise and Kirstie ‘OT Salute’ Alley and Jenna ‘Netflix Forever’ Elfman and, Danny ‘Donkey Punch’ Masterson and, and…

      I started comparing these numbers with the three people who were at graduation last Friday at my Ideal Org. I’m sure those numbers are higher at other Ideal Orgs, but the bottom line is we in Scientology are fucked unless we can produce enough Book 1 auditors and Volunteer Ministers to actually go out and build a better Bridge to Total Freedom. Or at least hand out some Way To Happiness pamphlets and not have them end up in the bottom of bird cages or well stocked outhouses.

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