Wog Doctors Mistake OT Phenomena on the Freewinds for Measles

This Scientology OT clearly does not have the measles or any other diseases. He is simply running out engrams from trillions of years ago.

Wog doctors don’t know anything about OT phenomena.

A Scientologist onboard the MV Freewinds recently turned on the measles during her auditing session. However, this case of measles was from a lifetime that happened 515,930,088 years ago. The OT turned on this ancient case of measles simply to run out the accumulated measles engrams on her wholetrack.

When the measles engram was explored on the meter, an earlier implant installed by a psychiatrist was found which dated to 414,018,921,957 years ago. The implant contained these words: “You are a spotted red leopard.” Once the Scientologist spotted the implant it blew. She is now measles-free. Of course, to an untrained wog doctor she looks like he has the measles. This is simply surface charge blowing off.

When a Scientologist is running out accumulated nuclear radiation, measles engrams, and their thousands of psych implants, what happens is that symptoms turn on which mimic these things. This is why  Scientologists can sometimes look quite insane, act very extremely sick, or even appear to be dying. Wog doctors are not trained to recognize such OT phenomena and so misdiagnose Scientologists as having various psychoses, cancers, or terminal illnesses.

STAND League’s Ed Parkin is an example of this. Ed Parkin is only 23 years old and yet he looks like a man of 86 years of age. This is because Ed is running out his massive engrams, overts, psychotic dramatizations, and evil purposes.


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  1. You stupid down-stat wogs!!!! Any OT-8 on the Freewinds could cure every one of measles with a simple hand gesture. So go to a Church of Scientology near you, take the personality test, read the books, and rocket up the Bridge to total freedom.

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