Donald Trump & the Good Extraterrestrials vs. The Evil Illuminati

The SP Pete Griffiths shared FB posts made by a Scientologist on the criminally suppressive Facebook group SP’s ‘r’ US. A wholetrack psych implanter, Pete’s attempt at joking and degrading about deadly serious extraterrestrial-Scientology affairs has been noted by we in RTC. A report has been placed in Pete’s permanent Ethics file.

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  1. It’s very simplistic to assume all space aliens are tall, handsome, blond and benevolent and have our best interests at heart. What about the alien botanical psychiatrists from Farsec who are destroying the flower of our youth with their evil lobotomizing drugs? Liberators – I don’t think so.
    Better to have your ray guns handy and vapourize them at the slightest suspicious glint in the golden orbs they call eyes!

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