Flag C/S: Handling David Miscavige Engrams

The latest technical research at Flag indicates that Scientologists are too overcharged to handle David Miscavige engrams in session. In 90% of cases, the e-meter blew up.

The correct handling is to gradiently audit smaller engrams such as IAS fundraising cycles.

If IAS fundraising is too hot, then begin with Ideal Org ARC breaks.

If Ideal Orgs are also overcharged, then have pc touch the wall for a few thousand hours.

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  1. OTVIII You Are Great! Touching the wall for thousands of hours should start david off on just the right gradient. And he can keep right on touching it until his hand goes through the sheet rock. Only then can he move to the e-meter which has been secretly implanted with a chip that shrinks him to the size of a dust mite. He will then have a dumping in the trash from whence he came. 😘

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  2. Jeez, you dun completely confuzed da’ whole crew wit dis crazy wedder forecastin’ shit!

    Rocco Bones is crying in da cornah he’s so confuzed, and Jilly’s dun shot-up da’ social club for FFS! Keep it up, and somebody’s gonna be up against da’ wall, and it won’t be no PC!

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