Facebook Stock Price Hammered Due to Its Attacks on Scientology!

“Facebook shares have been hammered in the last two days,” said Scientology spokesman Ken Delusion.

“Here is the cold-blooded truth: Facebook pulled in the worst-ever single day stock market statcrash because it allowed hundreds of millions of people to attack Scientology on Facebook!”

“The only way Mark Zuckerberg can hope to save his company is by coming to his senses and removing all of the SP’s and content from Facebook that is critical of Scientology — and the same holds true of Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!”

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  1. Besides just coming to his senses and removing content that causes even minor butt hurt to the world’s coolest religion, Zuckerberg should also make a SIZABLE donation to the IAS. If he knows what’s good for him he should also get his wealthy little ass up the Bridge to Total Freedom and join WISE. He should start with the Comm Course so he can learn how to communicate properly and revamp the Facebook platform so it complies with the GAT II Standard Comm Formula. That way Facebook can start winning and be as successful as the straight up and vertical growth of Scientology!!! It’s all about correct orders of magnitude.

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    • If Scientologist Louis Farrakhan had his way the Jewish Facebook Conspiracy would be destroyed and Zuckerberg placed in a Scientology ecclesiastical prison!

      However, in his mercy, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has offered the Jew Zuckerberg immunity from Scientology justice if Zuckerberg removes all attacks and entheta against Scientology from Facebook!

      COB has also taken up your call for Facebook to become a WISE company and for Zuckerberg to order all FB employees to be trained in LRH business tech. And of course it goes without saying that Zuckerberg must donate one billion dollars in cash to the IAS to make up for the damage he has allowed Facebook to do to Scientology.

      When Scientology takes over Facebook all posts can only be made by telex per LRH policy. No J&D, selfies, or pictures of meals or cats will be allowed. Banning these four subjects will free up 90% of Twitter bandwidth. This newly freed bandwidth can be used more productively for posts about the wins people get in Scientology.

      Scientology very much believes in Free Speech. However, Free Speech does not equal the right to attack a religion.

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  2. They should know better! COB’s Facebook page on SCOHB, and Danny Masterson’s page on Donkey Punching, each have more than 11,000,000,000,000,000 followers!


  3. Nah, dat Delusion fink gots it all wrong. Fingers, Toots “Ma Bell” Rizzio and some of dah other boiz waz running a “pump n’ dump” boiler room scam on dat yid Zuckerburger or whadevah da’ fuck his name is. Weez been doing da’ fake news schtick fuh yearz before dis schumck, so it waz a no brainier to ruin his little operation.

    Now all weez gotta do Iz figuh out a way to get dat Ms. B. Haven broad ta run our new special 1-900 “counseling” service, and we’ll be coinin’ it; me and da’ boiz like her style…

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    • CO$ MD, I’m flattered!!! You can call me Sugar. If you want me to run your 1-900 “counseling services” I’d be happy to help out for the right exchange. I’d be on my knees and bending over backwards to get some extra scratch so I could move up in my IAS Status and buy a couple more auditing intensives so I can complete my ARC Straightwire. Like any good in-KSW Scientologist, I’ll do or say just about anything for money.

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