California Highway Patrol Shuts Down Scientology “Danger Process” in Downtown Los Angeles

“The new Scientology Danger Process calls for Scientologists to hang upside down for twelve hours over the 110 freeway in Downtown Los Angeles while suspended from a rope,” said Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

“If the Scientologist weakens and loses their grip on the rope, he or she will plunge to the freeway below and be brutally crushed to death by the thousands of cars hurtling by at high speeds,” Delusion noted.

“During the initial launch of the Danger Process, the California Highway Patrol intervened and shut it down. In doing so, the CHP trampled on Scientology’s freedom of religion,” Delusion complained. “As a result, we in Scientology will be suing the CHP for five billion dollars. Scientologists have a right to practice their religion in whatever way we choose and wog governments be damned!”

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  1. its not even a religion. Its a money making scheme and cult. And no religion would put the lives of their people or others in danger. Thats just stupidity


  2. Only sueing for 5 billion? That’s an outrage!!! If my math be correct, that only be less than fiddy cent each for the eleventy billions of Scientologists living on this dirt clod of a planet!

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  3. Outrageous!! The next thing you know, the WOG government will want to stop Scientology from using child slave labor – the holy Sea Org!!

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  4. “Tiny” Bonanno here; weez told da midget that you supposed to put da rope around da’ rat’s neck, not his feet fuh fucks sake, da’ fuckin’ morons. Deez Scientomologicalists couldn’t organize a pissin’ contest in a brewery… I likes concrete shooz off Catalina myself; LA’s too f’in crazy at da rush hour.


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