HowdyCon 2018 Declared an Illegal Criminal Assembly

Captain Ken Delusion, Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center today pronounced HowdyCon 2018 an illegal criminal assembly.

“All HowdyCon attendees are hereby declared 47XSP’s which is the new RTC standard of eternal damnation. Bunkerites may never receive Scientology services in any Org in any galaxy or universe.”

“The sole exception is the San Fernando Valley Ideal Org whose stats are so negative that to even walk by the Org makes any Scientologist feel deep disgust, fear, and loathing.”

“In happier news, Kirstie Alley has just been awarded the role of the Raptor Queen in the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel Blood in Miscavigalvania.”


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  1. Love those dead cosmetic looks on Kirstie. What goes around from her mouth comes back around to her face & body. One of the Worst celeb shrills for dm. Raptor Queen will have to slither after the Fanged Snake Despot of the cult,dm. And even he has been known to throw Raptor Queens under his limo when they are not producing enough venom to suit him. However Kirstie has a heavy supply to keep spreading her lies with. I Love becoming a 47XSP. Cannot wait for my cert of Shame for being a proud Bunkerite and given such praise from the head of Scientology makes me even more determined to chip away at his RTC bs slush funds and his arrogant delusions. dm rich you may be, but the poorest excuse for a leader of anything. XO OT8.💛

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  2. Dear Mr. Delusion,

    We in Global Capitalism HQ know a thing or two about timing. If you buy a stock after it is at its peak, you’ll lose money, but if you buy at the right time, you’ll make out handsomely.

    So we’re surprised that you’d designate HowdyCon 2018 as a suppressive event on this, the first day of festivities. After all, OSA has known about this event for almost a year, as Tony Ortega, leader of the Anti-Scientology Conspiracy from his remote corner of the internet, has been hawking the event for a year. It’s too late for all of those under-the-radar members who are attending to cancel their travel plans. Now they’re going to be exposed to all sorts of entheta, and it’s all your falt.

    Oh, and also, are you suggesting that the HowdyCon 2018 attendees are even worse than Psychs as far as being beyond rehabilitation? That seems odd, not to mention distinctly being “off Source.”

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    • Scientology has been so busy launching Scientology TV and handling the billions of people rushing into our Orgs (except for SFV) that we didn’t have time to proclaim HowdyCon an Illegal Criminal Assembly. However, once we realized the storms we postulated for the Windy City would not keep Bunkerites away, we issued the 47XSP Declares.

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