Travolta Marathon on Scientology TV This Weekend!

“Widely savaged by wog film critics as the worst mobster film ever, John Travolta’s Gotti has been yanked from theaters and will be released tomorrow on Scientology TV,” announced Ken Delusion, the newly appointed VP of SMP.

“John Travolta’s schmacting, Kelly Preston’s painful overacting, and the general horribleness of the film complements Battlefield Earth splendidly,” gushed Delusion. “This weekend’s Travolta Marathon on Scientology TV will be epic!”

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  1. I just hate to burst Ken Delusions sparkly fake Delusion, but there is only one word I can put after Epic. This weekend’s Travolta Marathon On Sci TV will be a revolting Epic Failure! Pity the poor Sea Orgers forced to watch this marathon as they run the pole! Painful to contemplate! 😘

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  2. Gotti can’t be worse than Battlefield Earth!! COB was the shadow director for Battlefield earth, and COB is the WORST film director in the guh-lax-ee, over the last trillion yars!! COB did not direct Gotti!!

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    • And where would Scientology be without Travolta, a corollary not. Scientology would be the same shithole mind numbing cult without him, he is not a PR figure much anymore if he ever was past the beginning. John needs to ask himself that.


  3. Yous knowz what? Me, Fat Tony, Ricco “Fingers” Marscappa an da’ rest of da boiz are puttin’ this punk Travolta on notice TODAY.

    Him an da’ rest of doz Scientological scumbags or what eva da fuck de call dem selves best not be showin’ no disrespect to da memory of Don John, ‘specially wid such a shit movie.

    If dat garbage getz on dat TV station of ders, itz gonna be da’ fishes for da midget and da rest o’ dem fucks, capisce?


  4. Oh, and fo’ da midget: youz behind on da cut youz owe me and da boiz on all doz buildin’ supplies youz been buyin’ from Santo down der in Flowrida. Dat concrete n’ shit don’t grow on no cocanut trees, so you’d best be coughin’ up sumptin to “Fingers” fuckin’ quick-like… Got it, midget?


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