John Travolta Confused, Upset as Gotti Bombs. Scientology Actor Blames the Psychs.


WTF? Where is everybody? The theatre is empty on the opening weekend of Gotti. This is the pic I slaved ten years to get on the screen! I betcha all of you Psychs & SP’s on the internet sabotaged it! Me and Kelly need to redo our Scientology PTS/SP course pronto!

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  1. Of course Travolta blames the psychs. Who else but the most powerful opponents of all that is good and decent in the world could have arranged things so that two of Travolta’s movies would end up among the lowest ten rated movies of all time on Rotten Tomatoes?

    He certainly couldn’t have done that himself by picking horrendous movies cobbled together by low-grade hacks who never should have been in the film business.

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  2. LOL, That gif is excellent. Some of the reviews of that movie are even funnier. It has been universally panned. It rates lower on Rotten Tomatoes than Battlfield Earth, and that is saying something.

    But never fear, it’s all part of JT’s big plan. An OT like him would never get anything but the exact result he was aiming for. The plan is to lull us all into a false sense of complacency by releasing thirty years worth of garbage movies, and then when we least expect it he will release a movie that is actually good, and we will all be so blown away that we’ll be defenseless against all the scientology secrets hidden in the film, and the entire planet will be cleared in one fell swoop. That’s what you call making it go right!

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    • I’m just hoping that the film Mr. Travolta releases next that will actually be good won’t be something including Ms. Kirsti Alley doing something like ‘Look Who’s Tweeting Too’. But, if it clears the planet, I’m all for it. No spiritual gain with out some genuine pain…

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  3. I for one would gladly go to see ‘Gotti’ starring OTs John Travolta and Kelly Preston but I am busy on course redoing my own GAT II PTS/SP Course once again. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish, because a twin is mighty hard to come by these days. Everyone must be out disseminating like mad instead of being on course since the new Scientology TV channel started broadcasting.

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