Mark C. Rathbun: OMG! The Martians Are After Me!


There are covert operations being run on me by the troika and their financiers! I can tell because there were tire tracks on the road by the gas station that weren’t there last week! This happened because I wouldn’t take Leah’s blank check to be the star of her television show and write my own ticket! And I would’ve won the Emmy and not Leah! That Emmy was really mine but the troika made sure Leah won it and not me!

And Scientology is the cleanest organization in the entire USA. There is no abuse of any kind in Scientology. I know because I was IG/RTC and ran Fair Game programs for decades. There was never any abuse, intimidation, dirty trick, judge tampering, or spying under my watch. No sir! We never fucked people over, destroyed evidence, spied on people, or did anything bad.

Annie Tidman almost escaped until I caught her at the airport. She came back to three years of torture into the RPF until she was crushed. She later died a horrible death of lung cancer in captivity. But here’s the thing: I saved her from becoming part of the ASC!

Everything is perfect in Scientology. But one day I got on my motorcycle and blew. Actually, I went undercover to expose the ASC. I fooled everyone. And now I’m the only who can help. I’m the only one who can expose the ASC because I was it’s leader. The ASC has to be stopped because Scientology. That’s why. Scientology is not a cult. I know because I was in Scientology for a long time. The ASC is a cult. I know because David Miscavige tells me what to think and what to say. I was real bad off until COB helped me. Now I’m better.

I repeatedly transcended Scientology and have become an ascended spiritual master. Now if y’all excuse me I need to go back into my trance state. There is more to be channeled. Stay tuned!


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  1. OMFG Marty!!!!!! This post is so globally important that I’m reposting it at my blog. Then I have to get back to channeling L. Ron Hubbard as he was telling me everything about his secret agent intelligence career!!!!!! And Commander Ian McBean!!! He’s there too telling me how Ron was his catamite!!!!



  2. Marty added “ok, ok, so they have 3 websites calling me a ‘violent psychopath’. So what? I’m still credible. Oh, and I still have ‘Scientologists at War’ on my site. Well, that squirrel buster stuff was just a bunch of April Fool’s silliness between friends. It’s just that Ortega made it sound like some sinister, round the clock harassment with his sound bites.”


  3. Ratburn ordered evidence destroyed in the death of Lisa McPherson, ran PI’s to spy on and destroy people, hired the PI’s who spied on Pat Broeker for 25 years, destroyed evidence in Canada, and yet this shitbag whines when his precious feelings get hurt? That’s Marty for you. He’s either a thug or a crybaby.


  4. We in RTC wonder why Mike and Virginia refused to reestablish the HASI like LRH ordered them to do when he showed up at their home in 1999. It is a Comm-Evable offense to disobey a direct order from the Commodore. Where is the new HASI?

    According to Mike and Virginia, they are globally important figures who have worked tirelessly to expose a vast plot in which Scientology is at the very center. Shape-shifting monarchical reptilians and an assortment of other shadowy figures are after them because of their cosmically important blog which lays bare their lack of a formal education.

    No one cares about the shitposting those two loons do on their blog. On the other hand, billions of people are clamoring to watch Scientology TV. The IAS just funded another $100,000,000 to buy additional servers as the demand for Scientology TV is so gigantic and enormous.


  5. Regarding the SS Coamo: J. Swift posted the 1932 and 1933 passenger manifests of the SS Coamo on November 29, 2007 on xenu.net. See page one of his post: Was L. Ron Hubbard Given a Pre-Frontal Lobotomy?

    Did Virginia steal J. Swift’s research and then wait six years to post them on her blog in order to cover up her deliberate, calculated, and premeditated theft? After all, Virginia wrote in her wisely deleted blog post:

    “Before I dug up those ship records for the Coamo – as evidenced in the archive of my September 2013 post where I specifically noted: “These are records that I personally obtained, and I do not believe have every been publicly shown before.”

    The fact is that Virginia did not steal J. Swift’s 2007 work. Rather, researchers working independently can find and publish the same data without realizing someone else posted it earlier. J. Swift can’t reasonably expect Virginia to read his 10,000+ posts at xenu.net where he amassed and posted a vast online archive that other researchers have used over the years. Likewise, Virginia can’t expect J. Swift to read her entire website. Thus, J. Swift would never accuse Virginia of “stealing his work” on the SS Coamo when anyone can find it in a few seconds at Ancestry.com.

    Any of the 3,000,000 paid subscribers at Ancestry.com can easily search ship passenger lists. That’s where J. Swift found the SS Coamo lists back in 2007. The same goes for items found on Google, newspapers.com, and other online sites where research can be done. Mike and Virginia use these sites.

    For Virginia to irresponsibly accuse the professional researchers and published authors Atack, Miller, and Owen of ripping off her work when the SS Coamo lists and other materials have been readily and easily available online for ten years crossed a line. This is yet another reason she and Mike have marginalized themselves. The correct protocol is to e-mail someone you believe has used your work on an unattributed basis and ask them to please help you understand by explaining where they found the reference. For example, concerning the photo of Federico Echavarria, here is the entire edition of Issue 29-G of the Scientology Journal where the photo appears: https://www.scribd.com/document/389563884/Journal-of-Scientology-Issue-29-G

    Virginia’s posting of an image of Federico was drawn from the exact same archival and searchable PDF zip files of 1950’s materials that J. Swift and many other researchers and universities have. All of the materials from the defunct HAS, HASI, CSC, etc. have been widely available online for years.

    Search this particular index for “Colombia” and you find Federico Echavarria in seconds. BTW, this is a .jpeg below. The actual archive is online.

    Mike and Virginia will never have a seat at the Miles Copeland Historical Society (MCHS) if they continually persist in slander, calumnies, and Fair Game campaigns at their website and blog. Nevertheless, Virginia’s removal of her recent post was noted by the Society’s Board of Directors. Air Marshall Pennington-Savoy of Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force took particular notice and sent a telex off to MI6.

    BTW, none of us in the MCHS are engaged in a conspiracy to take down their wildly popular website that attracts millions of readers each day. Indeed, the Duchess Dolores Vandersleuth — whom many suspect was actually behind rigging the US elections in 2016 — was just saying the other day how vitally important the site it is to world leaders.


  6. Virginia McClaughry

    “Everyone steals my work!” exclaimed Virginia McClaughry. “No one can do research except me! Even L. Ron Hubbard stole Scientology from me after I wrote it in 1943! Here’s the evidence:

    “I was on the ship. My ship. And FDR asked me and Mike to create Scientology to defeat the Nazis. That’s when I wrote Dianetics and Science of Survival.

    “And then there’s this next little piece of evidence. I told Pietro Badoglio that Scientology could be used to defeat Hitler. He tried to tell Mussolini not to go to war. But by then Commander Ian McBean and L. Ron Hubbard had infiltrated Italy for MI6. It’s all right there if one knows how to connect the dots. Hitler-Hubbard-Mussolini-MI6 attacked me because I connected the dots and threatened their plotting:

    “That’s when L. Ron Hubbard stole all of my Scientology materials from the ship and gave them to MI6. And then suddenly L. Ron Hubbard owns St. Hill. A coincidence? No because Hubbard by then was doing the bidding of MI6.

    “Then the UFO’s came and abducted me. This was when I created the GO to expose the MI6-Scientology-British-Reptillian-Slavemaster connections.

    “The UFO is the smoking gun that proves how L. Ron Hubbard met the CIA in a British car park in 1952. This is where Hubbard handed off the US atomic secrets to the Russians:

    “Then the black helicopters came and abducted me. I was PDH’d because I knew too much! L. Ron Hubbard and the MI6 tried to silence me! This is serious stuff. The fate of the entire universe is at stake. And that is why, although I come across to some as weird and creepy internet stalker, I know the truth. And even though satire websites satirize me and don’t take me seriously — because I’m not credible — I take myself seriously and am trapped in the overt-motivator sequence.”


  7. I just want to say that whilst all you older scientology staff members were screwing around with chasing your sales commissions, power politics, mind games and trying to suck up to the old man, as if he was some sort of God… I want to remind you that some of us were actually hard at work running the orgs and getting people who needed help some counselling and those that were interested, some training and study. We worked for nothing with bad food, poor accommodation, long hours and no recognition, with personal sacrifices, for a what we thought was a good cause for our fellow mankind. Even back then we felt that your bitching, back-biting, in-fighting and lack of moral ethical fibre were counter-productive to getting people on up through the grades. The fact that LRH had his own agenda does not detract from the 60 years of sheer hard work and dedication by good, honest people, in an out of the old organisations. No matter what we now know about LRH, it does not invalidate all those who did succeed in making spiritual gains through good techniques and sound practice. Not one of you can deny that we were told that we must eventually leave the cloistered halls of the organisations behind and get back out into the real world to practice what we preached and give others the opportunity to wake up to their true spiritual nature. The bitching I have witnessed over the years can only hamper our personal growth away from and out of the Co$. I see ‘Black Dianetics’ being professed over compassion and good communication with our fellow beings. Shame on you all! Some few of the finest people I know are still in the Co$ and many of the other admirable and worthwhile beings I know and respect have been out since 1954. Scientology was never a ‘club’ for me… it was a new awakening. Good people lived and died defending that freedom. (Misplaced sentiment or not). Me, my family and friends were never looking for any cult to join or a Guru or a God to tell us what to do. We never did drugs or promiscuity or profiteering. We incarnated here… at this time… to assist in the transition for mankind from that unspeakable black realm to the beckoning higher worlds of enlightenment. We accepted that responsibility to act as mediators and guides. So, those of you, who do not have a clue what I am referring to, that is a perfect example of people involving themselves with Hubbard and never really, truly being enlightened enough to have a sound understanding of any of the general concepts that Ron Hubbard (and others) was trying to impart to us. You just do not get the point. I am not a Scientologist and I am not part of any such group. I have no agenda or axe to grind. In a world where ignorance and insanity have brought this planet to the verge of cruel destruction, there are many people like me who simply wanted to help. Those thousands of such ignorant people who were heavily involved with the Hubbard Organisations have sought to corrupt and betray their fellow man through sheer selfishness. I applaud all those others who did keep the faith and who have moved onto their next stage without losing their personal integrity. I never understood why you guys seems to prefer doing each other down instead of healing those that are suffering most. “Sifting the wheat from the tares” comes to mind.


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