Mark C. Rathbun: OMG! The Martians Are After Me!


There are covert operations being run on me by the troika and their financiers! I can tell because there were tire tracks on the road by the gas station that weren’t there last week! This happened because I wouldn’t take Leah’s blank check to be the star of her television show and write my own ticket! And I would’ve won the Emmy and not Leah! That Emmy was really mine but the troika made sure Leah won it and not me!

And Scientology is the cleanest organization in the entire USA. There is no abuse of any kind in Scientology. I know because I was IG/RTC and ran Fair Game programs for decades. There was never any abuse, intimidation, dirty trick, judge tampering, or spying under my watch. No sir! We never fucked people over, destroyed evidence, spied on people, or did anything bad.

Annie Tidman almost escaped until I caught her at the airport. She came back to three years of torture into the RPF until she was crushed. She later died a horrible death of lung cancer in captivity. But here’s the thing: I saved her from becoming part of the ASC!

Everything is perfect in Scientology. But one day I got on my motorcycle and blew. Actually, I went undercover to expose the ASC. I fooled everyone. And now I’m the only who can help. I’m the only one who can expose the ASC because I was it’s leader. The ASC has to be stopped because Scientology. That’s why. Scientology is not a cult. I know because I was in Scientology for a long time. The ASC is a cult. I know because David Miscavige tells me what to think and what to say. I was real bad off until COB helped me. Now I’m better.

I repeatedly transcended Scientology and have become an ascended spiritual master. Now if y’all excuse me I need to go back into my trance state. There is more to be channeled. Stay tuned!


21 responses to “Mark C. Rathbun: OMG! The Martians Are After Me!

  1. Virginia McCloughfry

    OMFG Marty!!!!!! This post is so globally important that I’m reposting it at my blog. Then I have to get back to channeling L. Ron Hubbard as he was telling me everything about his secret agent intelligence career!!!!!! And Commander Ian McBean!!! He’s there too telling me how Ron was his catamite!!!!



  2. LOL! Great.


  3. The most abject poverty is when you can no longer afford Cinnabons at the mall. I eat three boxes of Cinnabon everyday at the mall. Why does the ASC hate Cinnabons? I am going to file a complaint about the ASC with the UN. I have friends at the UN who will arrest the ASC.


    • Spam is a lunch meat. I eat Spam everyday and sometimes for dinner. Why does the ASC attack Spam? Why does the ASC want to unmock spam? When I was St. Germain in a past life I ate Spam everyday as well. I think Spam is what helps make me psychic.


      • And then Winston Churchill assured me that the UFO’s would protect Marty and trap the ASC in tractor beams.


  4. I am not an emergency room employee. And I have no idea what disservice I have done to you that to tell me to STFU. But this is exactly what I am talking about when I say, I am inventing enemies and ill will. Where is my medication? Can I have toast and jam if there are no Cinnabons?


  5. The main reason I strike myself as looney is that every month or two when my BT’s go crazy they try to unmock Marty. I floss my teeth and tell my BT’s to stop unmocking Marty. He is the greatest man in the world. He is fighting the ASC.


  6. Marty stopped paying insurance money to Xenu, and Xenu sent the Martians!

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  7. Marty added “ok, ok, so they have 3 websites calling me a ‘violent psychopath’. So what? I’m still credible. Oh, and I still have ‘Scientologists at War’ on my site. Well, that squirrel buster stuff was just a bunch of April Fool’s silliness between friends. It’s just that Ortega made it sound like some sinister, round the clock harassment with his sound bites.”


  8. LOLOLOL so damn funny. He is such a traitor


  9. Ratburn ordered evidence destroyed in the death of Lisa McPherson, ran PI’s to spy on and destroy people, hired the PI’s who spied on Pat Broeker for 25 years, destroyed evidence in Canada, and yet this shitbag whines when his precious feelings get hurt? That’s Marty for you. He’s either a thug or a crybaby.


  10. Pot, meet kettle.

    Pathetic, butthurt pot. Thunk up a clever retaliation post bout it all and here we go ‘gain.

    Compulsive, gratuitous, added inapplicable sliming VM noted here, as always. We’ve just gotta have hate with our humor. (Or is it we gotta have humor with our hate?)

    What-fuh-ing-ever, ol’ boy.


    • Like we in RTC, Scott Gordon can’t stand J&D. Humor is actually very low-toned. A sense of humor in the wrong hands is a very deadly thing. Satire is even worse because it deflates pompous and lying gasbags like Marty Rathbun.

      BTW, good luck on your crusade Scott. We hope you someday figure out the BT mechanics of Black Scientology. We could just explain it to you in very precise terms but it would be out ethics to feed the pc a cog.


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  12. Please note: Mike and Virginia McClaughry — who post on Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s blog and are thus in the enemy camp as far as we’re concerned — have taken umbrage to being satirized on this blog. Heaven forfend! These two thin-skinned SP’s feel free to trash people all day long on their blog but the minute they get some blowback or J&D, it means that people are plotting against them. Oh please!

    Mike and Virginia’s central charge on the matter is that others are trying to stop others from reading Mike’s book. This is incorrect. In fact, here is the link to Scientology Roots: Read the book. Splurge. Why Mike doesn’t make this a free Kindle book and put it on Amazon for the entire world to have and read is hard to understand. If Mike put this on Amazon it could be seen along with all of the other Scientology books.

    We in RTC are not stopping Mike & Virginia and their deadly serious activity. And just to show them we’re good sports here is the pingback to an Interview with Virginia they posted here in response to our criminal J&D:


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  14. We in RTC wonder why Mike and Virginia refused to reestablish the HASI like LRH ordered them to do when he showed up at their home in 1999. It is a Comm-Evable offense to disobey a direct order from the Commodore. Where is the new HASI?

    According to Mike and Virginia, they are globally important figures who have worked tirelessly to expose a vast plot in which Scientology is at the very center. Shape-shifting monarchical reptilians and an assortment of other shadowy figures are after them because of their cosmically important blog which lays bare their lack of a formal education.

    No one cares about the shitposting those two loons do on their blog. On the other hand, billions of people are clamoring to watch Scientology TV. The IAS just funded another $100,000,000 to buy additional servers as the demand for Scientology TV is so gigantic and enormous.


  15. Mike and Virginia are exposing LRH’s intelligence career and his black magick sex masterbation rituals with Jack Parsons. That’s how Scientology was created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then after I had my hair done today I saw shadows in the sky and knew they were following me!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why. Get the itsa line from the pc. Thats what to do. Mike and Virginia: What your itsa line?????????


    • I was never on the Freewinds so quit asking me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have invoices from when Scientology says I was on the Freewinds but this never happened!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then after the parade we all had ice cream!!!! There are, on Sundays only, 1/2 off dinner specials at Denny’s!!!!!!!!!!! But that’s all the old food!!!!!!!!!


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