Scientology Media Productions Inaugural Broadcast

5 responses to “Scientology Media Productions Inaugural Broadcast

  1. Haha. That is exactly what I picture their first broadcast being like. 🙂

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  2. Jimbo Jimmy James

    This wunnit workin so I go out the roof to fix the damn TV dish an Im up there like a damn fool lookin aroun with 1 thumb up my bummer an the other checkin on the wind an then mah ol lady say “GEDDOWN FROM THERE YOU DUMASS WE DUN HAVE A SATLITE DISH” an she say we have the cable hookup but we dunno if we gotta dig or what i cant gettit to work

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  3. Note: The Wendy Williams Show does not own the Lawrence O’Donnell footage & yet her company filed a copyright infringement complaint on this video against my YT channel. The Wendy Williams Show is, apparently, claiming MSNBC’s copyrights! I have fired off a letter to MSNBC Legal to advise them of Wendy William’s actions in asserting ownership of MSNBC’s content.

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  4. No no no no. They will avoid such a debacle.
    They simply will not produce anything. Ta-da!
    Scientology….making it go right.

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