Tom Cruise Healing from Broken Ankle at Home

Tom Cruise is healing at home from a broken ankle he suffered earlier this month. The actor says he went PTS to Scientology and the Aftermath and blamed the show.

“Like every other Scientologist on this planet, I am the victim of a television show. Despite being an OT, I can’t control matter, energy, space, and time — and particularly not this entheta television show! My new cognition is this: To be a member of the Church of Scientology is to be a victim and I am a victim. It’s just not fair. I would do some STAND tweets but feel just too PTS. I am really PTP’d about everything right now.”

4 responses to “Tom Cruise Healing from Broken Ankle at Home

  1. It’s not like anything else, OK? Only a Scientologist can help someone who is injured.

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  2. Wait a minute…if one is not at cause over the MEST universe, then what’s the point of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to go OT?

    On second thought, never mind…we’re not sure we want to know the real answer.

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  3. Tom Cruise called Laura Prepon to congratulate her on the silent birth of her daughter. For Post Partum Depression, he recommended some exercise and lots of vitamins, the same treatment he’s using for his recovery. Not that he’s depressed because depression does not exist. He’s reduced to self touch assists because of his current 2D situation. Laura can use whatshisname if she feels up to it.
    As a side note, Tom is filming “Cocktail 2” from his sofa during the six week recovery. A stuffed purple Barney will serve as his leading lady and love interest.


  4. To speed his recovery Tom needs to read the latest The way to happiness” booklet.


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