New Scientology Tower Looms Above Hollywood!


“Due to the enormous popularity of Scientology’s ‘Big Blue’ complex in Hollywood, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige has ordered the addition of 24 extra stories to the landmark edifice,” announced spokesman Ken Delusion. “COB is creating the new ‘Scientology Tower’ so that Scientology looms high above Hollywood and casts a shadow upon this town.”

“Thousands of people flock to Big Blue each day to have their picture taken in front of the landmark ‘Scientology’ sign. Big Blue has also been featured in many films, articles, and books about Scientology.”

“With eleventy billion members, Scientology is more popular than ever and is the fastest growing religion in the world,”  Delusion added.

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  1. Ok, I get it. Not that there are any hidden data lines here, but if you take 24 and subtract 8 that leaves 16!!!!! That’s right people this is a brick and mortar representation of The Bridge to Total Freedom!!!! The existing 8 OT Levels + the !5 yet to be released OT Levels. I know some dumb wogs will think I can’t add, since 8+15=23, not 24. The reason for this is so that even ignorant wogs can ‘have’ the reality of The Bridge to Total Freedom. Church Management cleverly left out the superstitious 13th floor just like wogs do so there you have it, 24 floors. With this subliminal message for all to see, public will be flooding into any Scientology building they can find just so they can have a small taste of the Tech. It worked by putting volcanoes on the cover of DMSMH and it will be even more effective here. If there is ever a time to sign up for Staff, now is that time. With this tower in place, we probably won’t even have to use the new SuMP facilities because that would certainly create TOO MUCH demand for Scientology. Oh, these are exciting times!!!!!!

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    • Ms. B. Haven gets it. She is there for COB and for Marty Rathbun.

      We in RTC can always count on Ms. B. Haven to have the correct cognitions at the correct orders of magnitude. This is what OT is about: Looking and ignoring so-called wog reality.


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