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  1. Admittedly, we were expecting a rabbit hole. The curiouser…the better is what we were thinking heading in. Gotta tell you though, we were totally unprepared for the Costco sized can-of-crazy we opened up.

    And don’t you hate it when you get that sinking feeling of knowing there’s nowhere to go to get the time you’ve invested back.

    Time for a vacation…we just purchased a time share at the The Life Center for a New Tomorrow…a lovely cabin in the hills of Tennessee. If we see the McLaughrys, we’ll keep the door locked.

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  2. Mr. Gordon is obviously unaware of the single precept necessary to escape this hell hole prison planet…it’s so simple…KSW. And if he finds it difficult to KSW, the IAS offers a simpler, cleaner, COB approved route.


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