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  1. Leave it to Mr. COB RTC Fleet Admirial David ‘Blackheart’ Miscavige to selflessly step in and take control of this vital social betterment program. The stats at Criminon were obviously crashing and something had to be done to start making OTs in the world wide prison population. The bottom line is, if anyone can put the con back in Criminon, COB can. Along with Mr. Baca’s expertise in the world of crime and the resulting close association with Scientology, it is a marriage made in heaven, so to speak. They will make some mighty cozy cell mates. No need for soap-on-a-rope for these Big Beings, touch assists for all!!!!!

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    • Another VWD & epic write up by Super OT64 and IAS Platinum Chromium Triple Diamond Deluxe Ms. B. Haven. She always correctly duplicates and states correct time, form, and event. Folks, this is what happens when GAT II is standardly applied and one keeps KSW fully in.

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