Scientologist Joy Villa and her Trump Dress Rated on the Tone Scale

joy-villaWhat are we to make of Scientologist Joy Villa’s Trump dress that she wore on the Grammy red carpet?

COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige, the top technical terminal in Scientology, said the aberration was not with the dress, but rather with Joy Villa herself.

Accordingly, Mr. Miscavige rated Joy Villa on Scientology’s Tone Scale as follows:


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  1. Did someone say attention whore?

    We’ve always viewed red carpet events as veritable dens of Babylonian attention whoring. If one takes last night as an example, we were subjected to the spectacle of clamoring hordes of whores all trying to upstage one another with increasingly laughable doses of vitriolic Orwellian group think. To be honest, we found the messaging style of a talent-less bimbo named Joy Villa who used few words and only a smile refreshing in comparison.

    As for COB, he is understandably perturbed the dress was absent of any Scientology branding such as an ARC triangle or eight pointed cross.

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  2. I think a tone scale level was omitted here. Groping Bodies. It is obvious Ms. Villa is ready for some first class Trumpian groping by sporting that easily accessible bib overall top with the quick release clasps. I just love OTs with the red carpet burns on their knees!!!!

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