Church of Scientology Now Offering Full Refunds to Anyone Who Asks!

Not really. We’re just using clickbait to lure you here for a free ARC break repair session at Flag.

Our stat is “recover people back on the Bridge.” We need to recover you and get you back winning in session. This is an order straight from COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige.

Warning: If you don’t get your ARC breaks handled and get to Flag, then the Psychs will surely kidnap you and turn you into a zombie:


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  1. Thank the gods for ARC break repair sessions. I have to shamefully admit that I actually blew once. Yes, it was an unauthorized departure from my Org. Of course at that time it wasn’t an Ideal Org, but I’m not trying to justify my despicable actions.

    I was away from the Tech and off the Bridge to Total Freedom for many, many years. I was just wandering aimlessly through life making shit loads of money, making lots of new friends, traveling the world, volunteering for community betterment projects in my small town, making art, dishing up food at the local soup kitchen, adopting animals from the local shelter, helping out aging family members, enjoying retirement and on and on and on.

    Then came that blessed day when I received a letter from the Church of Scientology inquiring about my failed purposes in life. I immediately called the Org and arranged for an ARC break session. After the 7 minute session, I had a pretty much all day reg cycle followed by a three day face ripping, ball busting, bowel liquifying, gang-bang Sec Check. Then off to do a refreshing set of Lower Conditions. Next came the IAS Reg. Then the Sea Org recruiter (that one went no where because of those fun times back in the 60s that automatically make one ineligible for the lofty duties of a Sea Org member). Now I have nothing to show for myself in the MEST universe. Nothing. No money, only debt up to my eyeballs, no friends, I have disconnected from my entire family and extended family because they are all so antago towards the Tech, Scientology and Man’s best friend – LRH. Now it’s all theta for me. Now I am a Scientologist. Thank the gods for ARC break repair sessions and Letter Regges!!!!!!

    I am hoping someone else will get one of these recovery letters and join me in Central Files so that we can boom the stats in this Ideal Org that could surely use some help.


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