Scientology Policy Directive: Policy on Missing Persons

Scientology Policy Directive
Policy on Missing Persons

It is a technical fact that a thetan, as himself, can never be missing. However, due to implants and amnesia on the wholetrack, a thetan can seem to be missing.

And so it happens that when a thetan seems to be missing that his or her family members or friends will have an aberrated computation that the police should be called.

It is HIGH CRIME to call the police on any Scientology Organizations.

It is a VERY HIGH SERIOUS CRIME to call the police if COB’s 2D has the apparency of being missing when she is theoretically locatable were COB to care enough to have his memory refreshed. However, busy as he is with the press of opening new Ideal Orgs and piloting OTIX-OTLXVIII for delivery aboard The Freewinds, COB does not care to be distracted from his global ecclesiastical duties with questions about his 2D that he does not care to answer.

To reiterate: A thetan is never missing. Therefore any complaints about missing persons are based upon a misunderstood about the nature of a thetan.

Furthermore, any person who makes a complaint that a Scientologist is missing does not understand the nature of the Third Dynamic. A Scientologist is a member of the group known as Scientology and Scientology can never be missing because it always existed for four quadrillion years. To say that a Scientologist is a missing person cannot be a true statement because Scientology is intrinsic to this universe and this universe is obviously not missing. The handling here is to have the complainant do a locational in which they go outside and spot things until they cognite that the universe is obviously not missing.

Once the complainant comes up to Present Time and realizes that the universe is not missing he or she will realize that thetans are also not missing and in fact are everywhere in abundance as the universe is based upon quantity. Indeed, the OT levels exist to awaken and handle thetans who think they are missing, sleeping, or, like COB’s 2D, appear to be unlocatable even by wog police officials whom we have paid to safepoint Scientology Organizations and COB.

Note: If the complainant does not come up to Present Time, drop their complaint, and still insists on calling the police then refer the matter to OSA Intel for Fair Game handling. OSA PR is to deny that Scientology practices Fair Game.

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  1. No OTVIIIisGrrr8!, NO!
    This SPD is NOT BPI and wasn’t supposed to be posted on the internet.
    It is highly classified and only to be read by Leah Remini, Shelly, Heber Jentzsch, Guillaume Lesevre and all the other missing persons.

    That means all you CICS are supposed to not-is what you just read, just like John Travolta does.

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    • I don’t know Lars, if this was not supposed to be BPI, then why did it come across my telex machine? However, I think it is in a Scientologist’s best interest to just follow your advice and not-is all this missing persons nonsense that is surely being spread by evil psychs and other whole track criminals. Personally I have attempted to as-is this stuff in session after session, but it just won’t go away. Not-ising is the way to go for sure. I have encountered the names of many thetans (and semi-colons) in our Founder’s sacred writings that I have not-ised. There was a strange reference to someone named Alexa in Science of Survival and Dr. Winters in DMSMH. In various HCOBs there is mention of characters like Reg Sharpe, John McMaster, Mary Sue Hubbard, Nibs Hubbard, and David Mayo, etc. Surely these imposters are trying to capitalize on the Scientology Religion for personal gain. So, when encountering these things in one’s Training, forget Word Clearing, just not-is this stuff and you will zoom up the training side of The Bridge to Total Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!! You will also save a shit load of money by avoiding sec checks and ethics cycles if this unsavory stuff never comes up. My new motto is: “when you can’t as-is, just not-is”. I’m pretty sure that is the OSA approach, and those OSA folks are just about the coolest folks in the coolest religion on the whole track!!!!!!!!


  2. Please, do not forget to blame XENU , for some thing or every thing goes wrong with the Church. After all like every movie , we have heros (like LRH or COB) fighting villain(s) like XENU and his admirers (the SPs). Its time for the Church to expose XENU and bring him to to justice.


  3. Having just finished up attesting to OTLXVIII, we are anxious to get started on OTLXIX. Any interesting tidbits related to LCXIX?


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