David Miscavige: I Like to Grab Women by Their P****!


Entertainment Tonight today released shocking hot mike audio of David Miscavige saying, “I like to grab women by their purse because that’s where all their money, checkbooks, and credit cards are!”

“And women let me do because I’m a famous global ecclesiastical leader,” boasted Miscavige. “I’m David Miscavige bitch!”

Male religious leaders everywhere cheered Miscavige. “We religious leaders need to grab women by their purses real hard and take all their money,” echoed Christian Televangelist Robert Tilton.

And now please, a mandatory three minute R6 implanting video:



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  1. I think that this story is taken out of context a bit. As the global ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology Religion it is very true that COB RTC Cap’n David ‘Blackheart’ Miscavige, openly and at-cause, grabs women’s purses because that is what they want. BUT, since every Scientologist knows that thetans don’t have a sex per say, COB RTC Cap’n David ‘Blackheart’ Miscavige does not participate in gender discrimination and is more than willing to grab not only women’s purses, but men’s purses as well. In fact, since it is also true that thetan’s don’t have an age, COB RTC Cap’n David ‘Blackheart’ Miscavige is more than willing to grab the purses of thetans in little meat sack bodies as well. Many wog ecclesiastical leaders may find this practice repugnant, but we in Scientology know that we are dealing with a thetan’s eternity here so grabbing the nearest purse, any purse, is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and ensures the case gain necessary to move up the Bridge to Total Freedom.

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  2. COB LOVES MONEY!! He will grab any and every purse he can, as he is the world’s greediest ecclesiastical leader and most incompetent supervillain!!

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