Scientology and the mixed messages it sends!



Less than three weeks after Fleet Admiral David Miscavige opened Scientology Media Productions and ASI relaunched Battlefield Earth, the godless Russian Communists raided 14 Scientology Orgs in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

This was no accident. OSA has discovered that the raids were ordered by the KGB to retaliate against Scientology’s straight up and vertical eleventy billion magnitudes of expansion in Russia. It is fact that 12 out of every 7 people in Russia is a Scientologist.

The raids, as alleged, had nothing to do with money laundering or any other crimes on the part of the Church of Scientology. We are the most ethical group on the planet. The only reason any group or country attacks Scientology is because they have crimes. Thus, we in Scientology ask this question: Russia what are your crimes?


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  1. Someone said to us, “When you have truth on your side, all the other side can do is attack, attack, attack”

    Considering the many “Who Is…(Mike Rinder, Alex Gibney, etc)” websites, we found ourselves wondering if the person was an SP or COB’s sycophant.


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